Our leadership team

Our leadership team help deliver our vision, values, purpose and goals.

Peter McNamara


Peter has more than 20 years of executive and board experience, including as Chief Executive Officer, Good Shepherd Microfinance and as General Manager, Asylum Seeker Resource Centre. Peter is the President of the Australian Council of Social Service (ACOSS), having served on the Board since 2015. He has studied finances and strategy at Harvard Business School, Stanford Business School and Melbourne Business School and is a member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors. Peter was appointed CEO of SECL in March 2021.

Kay Dilger

Head of Financial Wellbeing

Kay joined SECL in 2013 following an extensive career in the banking industry before moving across to financial counselling. During her time with SECL, Kay led the growth of SECL’s financial counselling team and is a key driver of economic inclusion thought leadership within SECL. Kay is a Consumer Director of Energy & Water Ombudsman Victoria and is Chair of the Agency Managers Network at Financial & Consumer Rights Council.

Marlena Kupczyk

Head of Youth, Housing and Employment

Marlena holds a Master’s degree in Counselling and a Master’s degree in Education and Counselling. She joined SECL in 2013 and has been a part of Leadership and Management Team since 2017. Marlena has two decades of extensive experience working in the community sector, is a life member of the Golden Key International Honour Society and a co-author of two educational books published in Poland.

Zoe Canaider

Head of Community Wellbeing

Zoe brings 10 years of experience to the Head of Community Wellbeing role. She is responsible for our Emergency Relief, Microfinance, Family Violence, and Catchment Planning programs. As a qualified social worker, Zoe has worked across many programs, including Youth Links, Settlement, Community Development and Family Violence. With strong collaborative practice, Zoe ensures that all services and work environments are safe and inclusive.

Michelle Rowland

Head of Settlement and Family Violence Prevention

Michelle holds a Bachelor of Business and Human Resource Management and a Masters of Social Work. She has spent almost two decades working closely with migrant, refugee and asylum seeker communities providing training, support, advocacy and management expertise across a wide range of local, state and federally funded programs.

Desiree Kisnorbo

Head of  Human Resources

Desiree is guiding the growth of people and culture at SECL. With 21 years’ HR industry experience, she holds a Bachelor of Business and has gained experience working for global and domestic business in renewables, manufacturing, IT, and finance industries, as well as establishing her own HR consulting business.  Specialising in workplace relations and leading organisational structural changes, recruiting, managing, and keeping pace with changing work environments, Desiree enables teams to be their best. Desiree is an activist for gender equity, cultural diversity and inclusion implementing business initiatives and practices to help support realising those goals.

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