Better Futures

Supporting young people transitioning from out-of-home care.

Better Futures: a supportive transition to adulthood

The transition from child to adulthood can be challenging – even more so for young people who are leaving out-of-home care when doing so.

Our Better Futures program supports young people transitioning from out-of-home care to independent living in adulthood. The program sees our trained caseworkers working with clients to help achieve their specific goals in a range of life areas including housing, health, education,employment, and community.

Referred participants must have an out-of-home care order and be aged at least 15 years and 9 months.

We partner with Melbourne City Mission to deliver the Better Futures program which is funded by the Victorian Government.

Stable housing sets Katie up to achieve her goals

Katie* was 20 years old and living in an overcrowded share-house. The lease was about to end and she needed to move – urgently. She’d been subletting in insecure rentals since leaving out-of-home care, so she didn’t have a formal rental history.

After being referred to our Better Futures program, her Better Futures caseworker helped Katie to identify her education, employment, wellbeing, and housing goals. They worked alongside Katie’s worker at Jesuit Social Services to provide a cohesive service.

When Katie needed to leave her share-house sooner than she thought, her Better Futures caseworker organised a hotel and arranged a cattery stay for her pet for two weeks, paid for by SECL. Following this, our Better Futures team organised her move to crisis accommodation, while our Youth Housing team helped her with rental applications.

Through this coordinated service, Katie found a home close to public transport, sharing with one other housemate. She’s now named on the lease, so she’ll develop a rental history. Now, Katie has the stability and privacy she needs to work on her wellbeing, employment and education goals.

*Not her real name