L2P: getting young people on the road

Having a driver’s licence gives young people freedom, independence and helps teach responsibility. Many of us remember our parents teaching us to drive in the family car. But there are many young people whose parents cannot teach them, or they don’t have access to a car. The L2P program can help young people who face barriers in learning how to drive.

L2P is a community-based program that helps young people become safe and confident drivers. The free program matches young learner drivers with volunteer mentor drivers who assist them with obtaining their required minimum 120 hours of supervised driving experience.

Learner drivers are given access to a serviced and maintained car and a trusted volunteer mentor to help them obtain their licence. They also receive up to seven professional lessons throughout the program.

Mentors are volunteers from the community who undertake a selection and training process. They are over 21 years old, hold a full Australian driver’s licence, and commit to around two to three hours per week of learner driver support. The learner driver and the mentor develop a trusted and supportive relationship which helps build driving confidence and skills.

The L2P program is funded by the TAC and administered by the Department of Transport.

To find out more, contact our team on 9645 0511 or email youth@secl.org.au.