Addressing the underlying causes of disengagement with education.

The Navigator program: helping address disengagement from education

We know education is crucial to improving social and economic outcomes for young people. Therefore, programs which help support young people to engage with education can make a positive impact.

Our Navigator program is for students aged 12 to 17 years who have a less than 30 percent attendance rate at school in the previous term. Our trained expert ‘Navigators’ work with young people, and their support networks, to address the underlying causes of disengagement with education and help get young people back on track.

We work in partnership with SELLEN to deliver the Navigator program which is funded by the Victorian Government.

Navigating an educational pathway for Logan

Logan* was first referred to SECL’s Navigator program in 2018 due to anxiety issues. His mother was a single parent and also experienced mental health problems. As a result, Logan felt isolated and withdrawn and urgently needed mental health support and employment guidance.

After numerous home visits from his Navigator caseworker, Logan agreed to try an alternative education program. He completed a Certificate in General Education for Adults, then began to study for a higher-level certificate. Logan also worked with a Headspace psychologist to support his mental health.

In 2020, Logan’s mother passed away and he ended up in emergency accommodation in Dandenong. In 2021, his Navigator caseworker referred him to SECL’s L2P program to help him get his driver’s licence. He was also referred to a mentoring program for assistance with finding a job.

Today, Logan lives independently, attends school and is looking forward to completing his education, and aims to obtain his driver’s licence and a job in the near future.

* Not his real name