Strategic Plan 2025

‘Triple Our Impact’, details our vision, purpose, values, and five key goals to drive meaningful outcomes

Our Strategic Plan, ‘Triple Our Impact’, details our vision, purpose and values, and outlines the five key goals which drive our organisation to help achieve meaningful outcomes for people.

Our Vision

Every Person Counts. Every System Fair.

Our Purpose

Improved social and economic outcomes for people in our community.

Our Values

Inclusion, Equality, Compassion, Dignity, Choice.
We aim to triple the positive impact we have for the communities we work alongside by 2025, and we’ll achieve this by working towards our five goals:

Goal 1:

Place community at the heart of our work
  • Access that meets our clients; where they are and when they need us
  • Reach that expands naturally through a ‘whole of client’ focus
  • Embed client voice in our work
  • Provide service design and delivery that is holistic and client-centred.

Goal 2:

Evidence based impact
  • Use data to improve service outcomes
  • Design programs based on evidence
  • Produce snapshot reports that influence decision makers and communicate our work

Goal 3:

Forge partnerships
  • Create partnerships with organisations that want to make a difference
  • Form alliances that address the unmet needs of our clients
  • Participate in targeted, authentic and purposeful collaborations

Goal 4:

Advocate with community for positive change
  • Amplify the client voice
  • Use data to advocate for system level change
  • Develop client confidence and self-reliance
  • Inform stakeholders with expert updates.

Goal 5:

Further strengthen our foundations
  • Work together in an integrated way, unified in our commitment to community
  • Foster a learning culture that is open to innovation, committed to impact and its evaluation
  • Embrace a culture that is made stronger by our diversity and behaviours
  • Secure an ongoing funding base and a consolidated governance approach.