Community Development and Capacity Building

Empowering new and emerging community groups and organisations.

About SETS Community Capacity Building

The purpose of SETS-Community Capacity Building (CCB) is to empower new and emerging community groups and organisations to support their specific communities. The program enhances the social participation, economic and personal wellbeing of community members, to ensure that positive settlement outcomes are sustained in the long term.

Who is eligible?

Our SETS, CCB program is available to new or emerging community groups or members based in the Casey South region. This includes new and emerging ethno-specific communities, community leaders and emerging community representatives and new and emerging ethno-specific organisations with limited corporate capacity. Unlike other programs, community members can be living in Australia for more than five years.

What we do

Our team works to provide:

  • One-to-one mentoring and support
  • Assistance in developing links to community resources, agencies and organisations
  • Training opportunities in the areas of project management, leadership skills and governance including grant writing and access to community grants