Strategic partnerships program

Supporting community-based programs while building leadership capacity.

Strategic Partnership Program

About the Strategic Partnerships program

We partner with the Southern Migrant & Refugee Centre (SMRC) to deliver the Strategic Partnerships Program (SPP) bringing together our strengths and networks to better collaborate with ethno-specific communities and groups.

The Strategic Partnerships Program assists the Rohingya, Burmese, Tamil, African and Afghan communities across the Southern Metropolitan area to identify, plan and implement community-based programs while building leadership capacity.

The objectives and intended benefits of SPP are to:

  • Promote community harmony and social inclusivity with broader society
  • Build on existing community strengths
  • Build capacity and increase sustainable participation and inclusivity in education, employment, family relationships and health activities
  • Recognise and respond to community needs through advocacy and information sharing with mainstream organisations.

The program also collaborates with mainstream service providers to improve access for culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) communities.

The Strategic Partnership Program is funded by the Department of Families, Fairness and Housing.