Change the Story

Change the Story

As part of the Safer and Stronger Communities Pilot, South East Community Links together with our Afghan and Indian co-design team members have developed a select range of multi-lingual resources for Dari, Hazaragi, Hindi, Punjabi and Tamil speaking community members.

We’ve created culturally adapted versions of the original VicHealth and Our Watch ‘Change the Story’ video, which illustrates the drivers of violence against women and what works to prevent it.

These adapted versions provide insights into how some Afghan and Indian community members experience gender inequality. These videos are a family violence prevention resource that the community has created for the community. The voices you hear in the videos are our co-design community members speaking in their language; Dari, Hazaragi, Hindi, Punjabi and Tamil.

Please share these multi-lingual resources with your networks, community groups and others. We hope this resource contributes to improving understanding of gender equality and how to improve it in our homes, lives and communities.