Kirra Finds Hope and Stability with SECL Support


Kirra, a 24-year-old Aboriginal woman, faced challenges arising from a living situation that perpetuated her trauma and severe mental health issues. The hostile environment at her temporary residence with a friend’s family led to heightened depression, anxiety, and thoughts of self-harm. In her time of need, Kirra was directed to South East Community Links (SECL) for critical housing support and wraparound services.

Client situation

Kirra was initially supported with 12 months of safe housing through the Transitional Housing Management (THM) program, setting the foundation for her recovery and personal growth. Recognising the interconnectedness of her health, education, and employment needs, SECL implemented a holistic support plan.

Kirra was referred to the Bounce Back program to address her mental health and anorexia. Additionally, SECL facilitated consultations with a dietitian, enhancing Kirra’s nutritional health and energy levels, crucial for her everyday functionality and work readiness. At the same time, SECL provided assistance in resume building, job application processes, and interview preparation. Kirra continued to pursue her education in Animal Studies. Through continuous, multifaceted support, SECL not only helped Kirra secure her physical and psychological wellbeing but also laid down the pathways for her educational attainment and employment success, leading to eventual independence.



Improved Mental and Physical Health

Kirra’s battle with anorexia and deteriorating mental health saw significant improvement. SECL’s comprehensive support made her health conditions manageable and enhanced her overall wellbeing.

Secured Transitional Housing
Kirra’s 12-month stay in THM was crucial to stablising her situation. This provided her with a secure place to improve her health, pursue studies, and overcome personal barriers.
Improved Confidence and Resilience

SECL’s tailored programs helped her regain her self-esteem and equipped her with the resilience to confront and overcome her challenges.

Achieved Higher Education

Kirra’s dedication led to her completing her Certificate III in Animal Studies. This achievement enriched her academically and professionally, setting her up for long-term employment in her field of interest.

Gained Employment
Kirra was successful in securing a job at an animal sanctuary. This gainful employment matched her qualifications, ensuring her sustainable career growth.
Independence and Housing Stability

A major milestone in Kirra’s journey was securing her first private rental, marking her successful transition to independence and housing stability.

The Youth Housing program is funded by the Victorian Government.