Meet the Team – Freya

Name: Freya McFadzean-Lodge
Position: Student on placement

What does ‘Every Person Counts, Every System Fair’ mean to you?
That SECL recognises the intrinsic dignity in all people, and strives to ensure that all people receive the services and support that they are entitled to, and deserving of.

What are three words you would use to describe SECL?
Community orientated, driven and warm.

What does a day look like in your role at SECL?
As a student on placement, I shadow my task supervisor and undertake any tasks that they give me. My task supervisor is the coordinator of the L2P program, so this has mostly consisted of taking and making referrals, and helping young people get set up with the program. I have almost completed my placement and have thoroughly enjoyed it – and learnt a lot! I have also enjoyed getting to know other workers at SECL and observing the many ways that they work with and assist the local community!

If you could choose one super power what would it be?
If I could choose one superpower it would be flight, with the ability to fly really really fast without getting dizzy – so it could double as teleportation… a two for one deal!

If a movie was made about your life, which actor or actress would you want to play the part of you and why?
Margot Robbie – because she is a smart and funny woman, and I admire the work that she has done in Hollywood and in her production company to promote female driven film and television – one film she produced was ‘Promising young woman’, which I think is a brilliant film!